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we create mINDFUL moments.

A path towards spirituality and mindfulness.

Mindful moments organises well-being retreats with a spiritual approach. Imagine multi-sensory experiences. Dynamic, meditative practices in the midst of nature. A caring cocoon. At the heart of a community where the watchwords are gratitude, simplicity, solidarity, creativity, sharing and expansion.

An invitation to a journey suspended in time, 🤍

A selection of moments


Mindful Moments launches its third retreat in Morocco! This will be a magical retreat.
From 14 to 18 September 2024, Morocco
More infos soon...

Our favourite moment in France

Disconnecting in the Alps

A unique adventure in the heart of the majestic Alps. Join us for a holistic experience combining yoga, meditation and hiking, in extraordinary locations in the Écrins massif. Treat yourself to an immersive and transformative experience, exploring the wonders of this magnificent land, an unforgettable experience of disconnection.

By practising outdoors, you'll connect with the surrounding nature, breathe in the pure mountain air and discover deep inner peace. Guided hikes allow you to explore picturesque trails, take in breathtaking panoramas and marvel at the splendour of glaciers and crystal-clear waterfalls.

Set off for a place where time seems to flow differently. An escape to feel, rediscover your senses and reconnect with yourself.Immerse yourself in a peaceful, rejuvenating world.
From 19 to 24 May 24, Massif Ecrins - France

Our favourite moment abroad

Find your divine energy in Greece

Go on a unique journey. Immerse yourself in the history and powerful energy of Greece. Step into the extraordinary and open the door to a transformative, unique and immersive experience. Feel, explore, connect on the beautiful island of Kea. Explore your divine energy in this sacred land. Create unforgettable moments by meditating in this sacred land. Through body and intuitive practices, yoga on the beach, meditative baths, spiritual dance, release your wild and vibrant state and discover your strength and flexibility in a safe space, facing the calm and infinity.
From 06 to 10 September 2024, Kea - Greece


Laëtitia Dallaigre : @laetiada
Founder of Mindful Moments.
She explores, adventures and photographs. Years of experience in the world of events in France and around the world. Broadening her cultural and emotional horizons, constantly learning about herself: for her, travelling is a lesson in humility. Taking time out, reconnecting with the present moment, grounding yourself in the conscious mind: that's what Mindful Moments is all about. A singular, dynamic approach, in search of the magic to create experiences.


Perrine Louis : @peps_ls
Production Manager of Mindful Moments.
A passionate, sunny and committed soul. With a wealth of professional experience in the events industry, she is a caring and attentive listener. She knows how to put her know-how to work on projects that are close to her heart. A spiritual and human approach. Always ready to create - she knows how to bring unique and unforgettable moments to life.



Laëtitia Dallaigre : @laetiada
Cofondatrice de Mindful Moments.
Elle explore, s'aventure, photographie. 6 ans d'expérience dans l'événementiel, en France et à l'étranger. Élargir ses horizons culturels et émotionnels, apprendre sur soi-même constamment : pour elle, voyager est une leçon d'humilité. Une approche singulière, dynamique, ancrée dans le moment présent pour la création des moments.



Alice Girard : @alicegirardyoga
Mindful Moments yoga ambassador.
An invitation to connect, gently and poetically. Alice offers intuitive, creative and embodied flows, designed as inner journeys, combining sensitivity, intensity and relaxation. Her teaching is based on gentleness and kindness, listening to others and yourself, and seeking physical, mental and emotional well-being. Her practice, combined with her various training courses and encounters, led her to create her method "The Softness of Flexibility".

All our upcoming moments


"Thank you thank you thank you for this incredible retreat. I would have loved it to have lasted longer, even a lifetime! During this morning's meditation, the thing to remember above all was the just magnificent encounters. Thank you to each of you for making this experience incredible."


"When I got home, my heart was full of the countless wonderful moments we had. I feel so lucky to have been able to experience this journey and I know that I've grown from it. I was attracted to yoga for a long time before taking it up, but I had no idea that it would bring me so much and above all that it would enable me to meet such beautiful people. Many thanks to all of you for making this retreat such a magical moment, a total disconnection that allowed us to bond intensely."


"It's my turn to thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful energy. Thank you for sharing your energies during the courses, I'm still vibrating with all these beautiful positive waves. This kind of holiday leaves its mark because it takes us on a journey through breathtaking landscapes, but also because it allows us to travel within ourselves. I wish you all the best and hope you continue to shine your light. Thank you to yoga, thank you for helping me to grow and move forward on this long path that you make so beautiful in my eyes. Yesterday we sealed the last class with a moment of our own, which will be firmly anchored in our hearts."


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We specialise in creating transformative experiences for individuals and corporate groups. Would you like to offer your employees a well-being experience, or are you an individual dreaming of a unique moment with your loved ones? We can help you create a totally tailor-made experience. Our mission is to provide a holistic approach to well-being that combines physical, mental and emotional health through yoga, meditation and mindfulness. Our retreats can be combined with your message. Contact us for a journey to inner peace, balance and well-being.


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